Things To Do In Dallas

By on August 7, 2013

Everyone keeps complaining that Dallas is a boring place and there is nothing to do in Dallas, so we have compiled a list of 13 exciting things to do in Dallas. Dallas has never failed ever to entertain people with his unique tradition , culture and beautiful sights!  Here are the List of Things to do in Dallas.


1) Dallas World Aquarium 

Dallas World Aquarium  Things To Do In Dallas

Dallas World Aquarium is basically a zoo in the middle of downtown where you can drink beer while enjoying beautiful sights of exotic animals from all around the world, they don’t have elephants but they do have cheetah . Of Course, the main focus of the aquarium is sea life, which you won’t find at the zoo.  These are beautiful sea creatures from all around the world.  This is definitely one of the  casual family attraction in Dallas.


2) Dallas Zoo

Dallas Zoo InDallas

If you are up for a safari in the heart of Texas, then Dallas zoo offer variety of large animals from Africa and Asian countries. Alcohol is not allowed ( Unless you want to put it inside a coke bottle ) but they offer variety of non alcoholic drinks at the ticket stand.   This is a 8 miles of adventure  that starts from North American animals to  African elephants to Indian Tigers. We do not recommend you visit Dallas Zoo in summer as it can get quite hot for you to walk this long distance but it’s a great place to visit during spring and winter.


3) Dallas Arboretum & Botanical Garden

Dallas Arboretum

The Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden is a 66-acre botanical garden.  Definitely a place to take your girlfriend to unwind the day to look at the beautifully gardens , and did we mention, this falls in top 10 places to get married in Dallas because of it’s beautiful sights.


4) Dallas Museum Of Art

dallas museum of art

Dallas Museum of Art has not just traditional arts from the 80s but also modern arts.  You could easily spend hours looking at the artworks that will amaze you.  When people usually think of “Museum” they automatically have the word “boring” synonym with it but the fact is that Dallas Museum of Art is different and unique and we promise it won’t be a waste of time.


5) Cotton Bowl

Cotton Bowl

Before i start bragging about Cotton Bowl, let me tell you something that you should know,  If you don’t love cowboys, you do not deserve to be in the State of Texas! Cotton bowl is a symbol and pride of not just Dallas but also Texas!  Cotton bowl was opened in 1930 and quickly was known as “The House That Doak Built” because of the immense crowd it drew due to  SMU’s  running back, Doak Walker.  Cotton bowl has been a stadium of many football teams for years.  It’s definitely an iconic place to visit.


6) Reunion Tower

Reunion Tower

Everyone’s talking about the popular reunion town of Dallas! It  the unique ball shaped tower that you will notice visibility when you are at the downtown.  Many people wonder, what’s inside that big ball.  Reunion town has  a restaurant which revolves while you are enjoying your food.  You can visit the bar without notice but if you want a window view of the downtown from the revolving reunion tower, you need to book it in advanced, due it its popularity it takes months to get the reservation.  A lovely place to have dinner with your loved ones.


7) Zero Gravity Amusement Park

Zero Gravity

Zero gravity offers extreme entertainments like bungee jumping . Basically, If you love being thrown from 10 story building without dying then this is a place for you.  This is not recommended for kids or teenagers below 15  but definitely a place to  visit once a year.


8) Six Flags

Six Flags

Six Flags over texas is a an amusement park for the whole family, they have something for everyone!  They do not have bungee jumping but they have many rollercoaster riders  and waterparks to enjoy. It’s a place you should visit every summer if you are in Dallas. Also, do you know why Six Flags is called Six Flags? because Texas used to be governed by six different countries.


9) Lone Star Park

Lone Star Park

 Lone Star Park is a  horse racing track located in Grand Prairie. It attracts many from all around Texas all year long.  You can even pick your horse and bet money on it.  It’s kind of like “legalized casino” in Texas!  So, you don’t have to go to Oklahoma, you can gamble right here in Texas!


10) King Spa & Sauna

KingSauna InDallas

 King Spa is one of the most affordable  korean spa and sauna resort.  It has everything that you would expect to have in a resort like , you can watch movies, eat in a classic korean restaurant or get sweaty in one of the 15 saunas. Each sauna is build of different materials, including gold.  Or you can unwind your day by getting a massage.

Do you have a place in Dallas are where you visit often? Let us know thru commend and we will add it on our list!


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